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Pizza for Everyone and I got a bit bored when the server quieted down a bit, so we decided to make a bar!
Looks really great. I hope they have some coke there too, because i ain't old enough for this stuff...
Amazing bar!
Much Swag. Wink
5/10 lack of potatoes
2/10 can't see any grills.
I don't see any strippers. I'd suggest renaming your bar to Moe's or Joe's, or something along those lines.
Don't listen to those pests of the SPD, it's amazing
1/10 Cant Even See The Bitches!
(04-10-2015, 03:19 AM)Ben Wrote: [ -> ]1/10 Cant Even See The Bitches!

I see one bitch, and that's the one taking the screenshots xD
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