Full Version: BoompaNet
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Me and Markus (the staff member) created a hosting company with a office with 8 cubicales, a reception and a conference room.
We then got players from the server to join us in the form of employes (programers, database admins, marketing etc).
I thougth this format of rp really worked! Almost all civilians on the server became our employes! We didnt even pay them that much but they joined anyways!
We kept going with this company for about 2.5h but then there where these jerks who formed a mafia and raided us like 5 times in 20 minutes and kidnapped some employes and that killed
the drive to continue rp the office...

The only thing missing was something like PCmod and a way to make it failRP to raid an office where there was nothing of value!
I liked BoompaNet and all the employees but why would they raid a place with no value?
I was one of the Employees and 5 raids in 20 minutes is so annoying, THEY BROKE MY COMPUTER! (Litrally)