Full Version: [BMPD] Blue Man Police Department
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We are blue, We are police. We protect this city from danger. Shots fired? Death on you. We might have strict rules for the city but we have even more strict rules for the members.

1. No harrasing anybody in/outside the clan.
2. Any kind of RDA etc. Will lead to instant kicking from the clan.
3. Think before shooting. This clan ain't taking any of that killing our lawful citizens. Allthough that we do accept shooting those pesky criminals.
2. The Police Cheif is your highest. You obey, and you cooporate.

We have a certain list of jobs you can play as.

The following jobs are for "Normal Police officer(NPo)

Primary Detective: You investegate all bad things that have happened, From theivery to murder. You work together with the crew and only use the gun when needed. You may not use your arrest/unsarrest batton.
Secondairy Detective: You help the Primary Detective in investigating and you also serve as their bodygaurd.
Patrolman: You patrol the streets and arrest any lawbreakers. You do not chase people.
Chaser: If the any of the other jobs call a chase on someone, Whether it be car or not, You take your thrusty gun and og out there and change down that lawbreaker.

Now we have the "FBI Policeman" (FBIP)

Patrolman: The exactly same as the one of the police officer.
Spy: You go around, Listening to conversations, Trying to snatch any informatio nthat could be useful to the team. You may only use your gun if they find you.
Chaser: The same as above.
Special Gun Wielder: You protect the streets with any guns that you can use. You may indeed arrest people but may not assist in chases.
Raider: Your role is to help in charges and more often that not, Lead them.

Now the time has come for SWAT jobs.

Sniper: You hold yourself to the roofs and accept any calls for quick shooting. You have to use an AWP.
Gun License Manager: Your job is to arrest all people selling/using guns wthat does not have a gun license. You may use all guns.
Patrolman: The same as the two others.
Raider: The same as above.
Chaser: Same as above.


Would you want to constantly be on duty, And protect every lawful person from criminals?
Would you die for your colleauges?
Would you die to protect a citizen?
Would you go ahead and kill a criminal if you could not catch them?

Have fun, And welcome to the clan. -Kinas Ten.
We know recruit.