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I've been always curious about the deep web and I've been urging for a while to take a peek at it. Problem is I'm kind of freaked out of the stories surrounding the place, not the disgusting stuff, I can handle that with a bucket and a good dose of therapy, but the rumors about people hacking into your computer and well... paying you a visit. So before grabbing my anti-trauma teddy and diving in all the gore and snuff, can anyone tell me if they already visited it and if they can give me some advice?
I have visited deep web a couple of times. As long as you are using protection you are safe to enter. You may not enter some websites as really much stuff in deep web is illegal. (People Selling guns, drugs etc) You need to be REALLY careful in deep web.

You can find really weird and scary stuff at deep web, Rent a russian hitman etc. Some parts are scary. Enter at your own risk.
A nornal avg protection should be good?
Yes, i would recommend you to watch a youtube video and get some knowledge first before (if you enter).
Thank you
BTW the topic is still open for suggestions. The more advices I get, the less likely I get abducted by a psychopath
Ahh the deep web. I was an explorer like you than I took a jump scare to the face.
But humor on side, I watched a lot of videos of lists of creepiest websites they help out a lot by telling the description, their opinion ect.
Maybe if using firefox get an addon for inspecting sites if they have gore, reputation by people that have been on there ect.
The deep web is not a place for people without protection.. Just dont go in it. Theres nothing 'cool' in that place. There are illegal video tapes (child porn for example..), guns, drugs, explosives, hitmen etc.. And yeah one thing. Some of the sites there are made by the police, to catch criminals. The real sites in the deep web are hard to be found.
(07-24-2015, 09:36 PM)kariesman Wrote: [ -> ]The deep web is not a place for people without protection.. Just dont go in it. Theres nothing 'cool' in that place. There are illegal video tapes (child porn for example..), guns, drugs, explosives, hitmen etc.. And yeah one thing. Some of the sites there are made by the police, to catch criminals. The real sites in the deep web are  hard to be found.

Well if you really want to know, I want to go there for educational purposes. I want to join the law enforcement after I finish my studies, in particular get into the detective (I won't specify the area I would like to work into, you'd call me mad). So the deep web is like a big encyclopedia for me to study and prepare myself. Besides I'll need to develop a strong stomach.
You're making a way too big of a deal out of the Deep Web. It has a 4chan that is worse than the current 4chan, and a reddit that is better than the current one (it has less comedy and is strictly focused on serious discussions most of the time, excluding the cats and puns). It is literally the internet, you can find both good and bad things. The Deep Web is more profound and literal on this, meaning that you can find very good things and VERY BAD THINGS.

The first layers of the Deep Web is basically just the unlisted ones that do not appear on google, etc, rendering them inaccessible to most: members-only, password-protected content, pages that haven't yet been indexed, new pages and pages that aren't indexed due to DMCA complaints (those in particular can be accessed with a little bit of boolean ingenuity that I'll not go into here).

The second layer is the creepy shit, where you use Tor or some other anonymous browser to visit onion links, p2p/p2m networks, etc. This is what most people think of whenever the Deep Web is mentioned. It is rather difficult to access, a little creepy and is therefore notorious. It consists primarily of pirated software and movies, drugs, guns, gambling offers of contract murder, and illicit pornography (cheese pizza...). Avoid it. As a wise man once said, "nothing good happens in that part of town after midnight".

The third and fourth layers is where you see the bulk of the traffic, and is where the truly interesting stuff lives. Most information on these layers of the "deep web" is hidden primarily because it is proprietary or classified. The bulk of deep traffic is on alternate and private networks (that is to say, corporate and government traffic). Layer three consists of classified information trafficked on alternative networks such as JWICS, SIPRNet, and NSANet. The fourth layer is internal corporate traffic hosted on private PANs, WANs and LANs, inaccessible unless you're already inside or that network is otherwise.

[Image: level+real.jpg]

And for your information, no one on the deep web will bother hacking a stranger. And if you use Tor, you will have NoScript, a proxy, etc, and you will be practically invulnerable to any exploit attacks or cookie stealers as there are no cookies to steal and the NoScript in Tor is preventing any exploit attacks from taking advantage of your Flash, Java, etc. You have no need to worry about anything, HeavyFire. It is not illegal to visit the Deep Web, just remember to not leave any traces or fingerprints. Do not participate in online discussions on the Deep Web until you know what you're doing, and you're confident that nothing serious will happen. Regardless, I see no point in doing anything besides lurking in the Deep Web from your perspective, therefore I have no reason to worry.

How to visit the Deep Web:

If you merely want to look at gore then you do not have to visit the Deep Web. But for your own safety, I would actually recommend using Tor to visit the gore websites or whatever, as some of them might not necessarily be on the Deep Web. But some of them might be. Regardless, you will need the extra safety, so I highly recommend using Tor to browse any sort of sketchy kinky thing you would like to do for mental training, if you catch my drift. It will protect you towards exploit attacks and also ensure that your family and relatives do not find out about your latest adventure, whether through the Firewall/ISP/Router or Browser History.

Warning: You're about to traumatize your very own being and it will be quite painful in the beginning. However, as time goes on... you will start losing sensitivity towards gore or whatever it is you wish to exercise, eventually you will become sort of dull to it. But during this process, you may lose A LOT of sleep as some images will be stuck in your head. You will be having a lot of time to yourself, slowly but surely you will end up a little fucked, a little messed up... and your relatives or closed ones will notice and start asking you if you're OK, etc. Be prepared for that, as it is a part of the process.

Although you will grow stronger mentally from doing this, it isn't nothing but merits. In the end, you will have problems resting and keeping an ease of mind. With the past haunting you and shit, fucking yourself up gradually. I highly suggest that you refrain from going too far. Start with a few car accidents or minor gore videos, but know when your curiosity has gone too far, and when to FUCKING STOP. Like as a detective, it isn't very likely that you'll meet that many Psychopathic Serial Killers that love ripping bodies apart and painting rooms with it. Regardless, if this ever happens... you will flinch and perhaps puke, because that is the humane way of reacting. The smell, the look, the stench will haunt you. Watching a few videos is NOTHING by leaps and bounds comparable to the real deal.

Just be careful. Feel free to ask any more questions you may have, HeavyFire.

Viewer discretion is advised. This is actual gore, no joke.
A safe place to view gore without even touching the deep web, at your morbid leisure. No children should visit this. Understood...? Great. Because I would prefer to not get banned from the forums.
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