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Changelogs - Scrooge McDuck - 03-06-2015


In this thread we are going to show the Smurf family what news on the server and homepage.
Be sure to check this thread sometimes. The first changelog i'm going to post here is from 24th february 2015 till today.
I have maybe forgotten to add something from that period. I will edit the thread if I had forgotten something.

Changelogs: 24th february - 5 marts.
[ADD] We have coded and added our customized hitmenu.
[ADD] The policeman job has been restricted till you have 4 hours of playtime.
[ADD] The stacker tool has been restricted for everyone there have under 5 RP points, except admin+.
[ADD] We have added 'advanced duplicator' tool, but it's restricted for donators there have at least 2 RP points.
[ADD] Added the police officer job with UK police playermodels.
[ADD] Coded a propcount addon, so you can see how many props you have left.
[FIX] Fixed a few lua errors and bugs.